Life on Mars - the Britsh TV show - is what I am talking about. Sam Tyler is the character I love the most of all the characters I came to love in my 17 years of following fandoms. Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt are my OTP.

I'm 31, I'm German, I'm female --- I have my opinions - I do not think that they should be popular ones or that others should agree with them. I'm still learning new things about how to use tumblr. Please do not expect flawless English, also I tend to rant about the things I'm passionate about and my text posts often get rather long.
I have many fandoms I'm passionate about:
Life on Mars
John Simm and his body of work ( that I was able to watch.)
Doctor Who (but be warned I don't like Moffat so not so much at the moment)
Sherlock Holmes
Tolkien's Books and PJ movies based on them.

Let me just add "Hannibal" and "Vikings" to the list of things I got into recently, and will reblog and post about.
I just hope they stay as good as they are - and, of course, that they get a satisfactorily number of seasons (not too many, not canceled before they have told their stories)

When Merlin was on, I was into it - maybe there will be a "Arthur Returns" TV-movie in the future, or something - I would watch it.

"Game of Thrones" ( reading the books after it's finished, because , this way expectations can not be disappointed)

Really liked Marvel's The Avengers

My old loves - the passion is gone but the affection resurfaces as soon as they pop up:
The X-Files
the Pretender
BTVS and Angel
Due South
This is definitely NOT a "one-fandom" Blog, so don't like, - don't follow



So I hinted that I was doing a crafty thing a while back, and here’s the result! I decided to cross stitch perfect grumpy copper boyfriends Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt from Life on Mars, and it turned out strangely adorable.

Hope it pleases time-lord-ramnikul who I watched the first episode with. This one’s for you, mate!

Ragnar: So have you returned to your faith, renounced ours?
Athelstan: I wish it was so simple. In the gentle fall of rain from Heaven I hear my God. But in the thunder I still hear Thor. That is my agony.
Ragnar: I hope that some day our Gods can become friends.


Delighted you guys liked the brownies and cupcakes #Vikings #ireland #shieldmaiden #dayjob #lagertha @katherynwinnick #wicklow #sunshine #bjorn @alexanderludwig #floki #rollo @clive_standen


Delighted you guys liked the brownies and cupcakes #Vikings #ireland #shieldmaiden #dayjob #lagertha @katherynwinnick #wicklow #sunshine #bjorn @alexanderludwig #floki #rollo @clive_standen

Worf, sounds like it works great for the Klingons, but I think I need to try something a little less dangerous.

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Hannibal: Relationships » Will & Beverly

Do I seem different?

You’re a little different, but you’ve always been a little different.


She has a reason for everything, even if sometimes it requires you to act like a well-adjusted member of society.