Life on Mars - the Britsh TV show - is what I am talking about. Sam Tyler is the character I love the most of all the charcters I came to love in my 15 years of following fandoms and Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt are my OTP.

I'm 31, I'm German, I'm female --- I have my opinions - I do not think that they should be popular ones or that others should agree with them. To be honest I'm also really new to all this blog/tumblr/active on the internet stuff, so do not expect too much ... like flawless english ...or something. Also, I tend to rant about the things I'm passionate about!
And I have many things to be passionate about:
Life on Mars
John Simm and his body of work ( that I was able to watch.)
Doctor Who (but be warned I don't like Moffat)
Sherlock Holmes
Tolkien's Books and PJ movies based on them.

Let me just add "Hannibal" and "Vikings" to the list of things I got into recently, and will reblog and post about.
They are each on their 2nd season - I just hope they stay as good as they are - and, of course, that they get a satisfactorily number of seasons (not too many, not canceled before they have told their stories)

When Merlin was on, I was into it - maybe there will be a "Arthur Returns" TV-movie in the future, or something - I would watch it.

"Game of Thrones" - waiting for season 4 ( reading the books while I'm waiting.)

Really liked Marvel's The Avengers

My old loves - the passion is gone but the affection resurfaces as soon as they pop up
The X-Files - Mulder, Scully and Skinner
the Pretender - Jarod and Miss Parker
BTVS and Angel - Spuffy and Spangel
Bleach - Ichigo, Renji, Byakuya and Mister Awesome aka Zaraki Kenpachi with little Yachiru.


Searching for a Life on Mars fic


I’m looking for an LoM fic in which Gene has had his tonsils out but has returned to work too early. Any help at all with this would be very very much appreciated as it is driving Xys bonkers.


"A Spot of Bother" by nepthys ( I think the URL in my reply got cut off)




Where is the otter that looked so disgusted with its watermelon?

here he is


"This is not my fucking clam"

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