Life on Mars - the Britsh TV show - is what I am talking about. Sam Tyler is the character I love the most of all the charcters I came to love in my 15 years of following fandoms and Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt are my OTP.

I'm 31, I'm German, I'm female --- I have my opinions - I do not think that they should be popular ones or that others should agree with them. To be honest I'm also really new to all this blog/tumblr/active on the internet stuff, so do not expect too much ... like flawless english ...or something. Also, I tend to rant about the things I'm passionate about!
And I have many things to be passionate about:
Life on Mars
John Simm and his body of work ( that I was able to watch.)
Doctor Who (but be warned I don't like Moffat)
Sherlock Holmes
Tolkien's Books and PJ movies based on them.

Let me just add "Hannibal" and "Vikings" to the list of things I got into recently, and will reblog and post about.
They are each on their 2nd season - I just hope they stay as good as they are - and, of course, that they get a satisfactorily number of seasons (not too many, not canceled before they have told their stories)

When Merlin was on, I was into it - maybe there will be a "Arthur Returns" TV-movie in the future, or something - I would watch it.

"Game of Thrones" - waiting for season 4 ( reading the books while I'm waiting.)

Really liked Marvel's The Avengers

My old loves - the passion is gone but the affection resurfaces as soon as they pop up
The X-Files - Mulder, Scully and Skinner
the Pretender - Jarod and Miss Parker
BTVS and Angel - Spuffy and Spangel
Bleach - Ichigo, Renji, Byakuya and Mister Awesome aka Zaraki Kenpachi with little Yachiru.


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